Always listen to Tom

Triathlete God Tom (soon to be running Grandma's Marathon) mentioned on this blog a few days ago that running 20 miles in the afternoon heat was not the best idea. Let's translate that to my situation. Running my first "long" run of the marathon training program—a paltry 8 miles—at 3pm was not the best idea. 79 degrees with moderately high humidity.

I could have run this morning at the cabin, but with muddy roads and mosquito-filled air, hot guys around Lake Calhoun seemed a better option. In that, I was not disappointed. But I probably won't stop sweating before midnight.


Sean said...

I'd be dead if I ran just two miles, so being sweaty for hours after 8 miles doesn't strike me as too extreme.

Next time I see you, I suppose you'll be rail thin from all this running. I'll try not to let my envy turn me all catty, but you know what a bitch I am underneath my charming small-town-boy exterior...

Tom said...

Yeah [sarcasm on] ALWAYS listen to Tom. [sarcasm off] :-)

And 8 miles is not paltry by any stretch. Think of the number of people in the world who couldn't run 8 feet without collapsing in exhaustion. Enjoy the accomplishment (and the relative brevity) of the first weekend of your training.