And we're off. Yesterday was the first seminar of the collaborative research program, and dammitall, it's going to be fun. An entertaining faculty panel showed off about the joys and frustrations of research (some of them were soooo desperate to talk about themselves; I was amused). I was once again reminded that the English department at Hamline is head and shoulders and all limbs above the others in terms of smart, engaging, articulate teachers. Prof K and Prof R (from whom I'm taking a class next fall) put the rest to shame. Anyhoo, it was invigorating.

And then Prof K and I had a little sit down, and she reminded me what an exacting and demanding tyrant she is. In a good way. I can't begin to tell you how jazzed I am for this experience. Now I must read and read and read. I'll have a sidebar up here soon, linking those of you who are interested to my project's blog.

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