Back in the saddle

Princess Leia comments, appropriately (save for the absence of Going40's preferred use of the subjunctive), that Going40 is perhaps a bit more scattered during these long summer days. 'Tis true, but. I started blogging in the spring so often that I perhaps had raised your expectations unreasonably. And yes, the running does take its toll. I ran 14 miles yesterday, which combined with preparation before and laying dead on the grass for a half hour after, essentially takes four hours out of the day.

Besides that, school's out for summer. My research takes up a lot of time, but it is such delicious time, reading, writing, thinking, arguing. It's a joy to be on campus for our weekly seminars, and without sounding incredibly hokey, I feel like this summer's research is laying the groundwork for my future career. Fun for me.

The time is fast approaching when schedules and classes and deadlines and goals must again come to the fore. In the meantime, let's run, play the piano, pick basil, have dinner, meet friends at Liberty, and go to the movies. As a matter of fact, it's time for Mama Mia now. Oh, and if you want to fill in the blanks here as others have done, whip out a post and send me an email. I'll be happy to post it.


deb said...

I think Viva and Jerry had better things to do in junior high than drill each other in grammar arcana. They were, after all, deeply committed to their polka studies.

Maybe we should have a mid-summer doldrums sentence-diagramming contest.

William said...

awwww we wuv you too! Seriously though, those seminars surpass all expectations. I've enjoyed them as much as the actual research! One more week: keep in touch after that!

-The 20 zone