Consumerism: lesson learned

Perhaps you remember the saga of the Perfect Planter. Really, I hardly mentioned it, so you're forgiven if it escapes your memory. The little shop where I found said planters (there were two, a stately pair of rusted iron) is going out of business. I thought that sad, and also thought that, given that everything in the store is now 50% off, I should stop by and reunite the pair.

When I arrived at the store today, I noticed first that they have a LOT of stuff. Second, I noticed that there were many new-looking tags on items, with the "original", full price (and believe me, I use unnecessary quote marks sparingly; you know where this is going). I should confess that I paid $89.95 for the planter in May; judge me as you will (I thought it a great price for what it was). So how much is this same planter now? Original price: $220. Difficulty with math? That's $110 with the 50% discount, or $20.05 more than when I paid full price. Rest in peace, Bloomsbury Market. You deserve to close.


Stephanie said...

Can your next blog poll be about our favorite labels for G40, please? I think "charlatans" may be the best so far!

deb said...

OK I feel your pain and all that, but I need to know if there are any cookies left.

Eric said...

All good things to those who wait.

Anonymous said...

Another illusion shattered.