In Defense of Liberty

Ladies and gentlemen, we here at Going40 are a tolerant bunch. Live and let live, mind your own business, go with the flow, and all that jazz. But, our pleasant existence has been jarred by this spurious, mean-spirited review of something we hold in very high esteem: Liberty Frozen Custard. I urge you to visit the link only if you are prepared to defend Liberty to the ends of the earth (no sense in artificially increasing the site's traffic). But I should warn you: not only do they trample Liberty, they (and I have trouble typing these words) say unkind things (and stupid things, really) about Magic Cookie Bar. That's right. Why not just shoot Bambi while you're at it?

I'm so worked up; if Liberty didn't close in ten minutes I'd get in my car and drive there just to reassure myself the world is still turning on its axis.

And you Twin Cities Meanies? It's ice cream, people. Niceness!


Eric said...

I already posted my comment. Vive la Liberté!

Stephanie said...

Well, I've been in Minneapolis for FIVE DAYS now, and no one has so much as bothered to show me the way to Liberty yet. What happened to all this Minnesota nice I was promised?! You know my e-mail address . . .