Recapping the misery

I threw up today while running. In front of about fifty people at Lake Harriet. It was embarrassing, and I blame Dottie's Hometown Cafe. I feel much better now.

The pg dn key on my computer no longer works. And I can't really update to iPhone 2.0 because when I attempt to sync to iTunes bad things happen. Really bad things. And also? About every second time I reboot my computer, it erases me as a user, and I have to start all over. iTunes is long since empty, I can't use Outlook, I can store no data on the machine at all, and I have to redo my settings about every two or three days.

Please hurry, Apple: update the MacBook now.


Sean said...

Sounds like a rough day, kiddo. Sorry to hear about the running/regurgitation combo.

I'm eager for the new MacBooks, too, as Darren plans to buy one.

I hope your iPhone starts behaving normally soon. My pal Jay's first gen iPhone had troubles on Friday, but was okay last night when we saw him.

I love mine 3G much I'm considering sleeping with it under my pillow...

deb said...

Oh. I'm so sorry. I don't even mean that ironically.

When we talked I thought what a nice afternoon it would be to run, you know, if a person was a runner.

Is it time to just buy a MacBook and not look back?

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry; that all sounds just awful.

I feel compelled to mention, however, that I never, ever run, and I have almost no problems with my PC (the screen has even dried out beautifully). Coincidence or causality? Something to think about.