I want to blog . . .

But my legs are too tired.

In other news, some of you seem to be confused about the sous blogger
role here at Going40. She is an actual person. I did not have a
colonoscopy while I was in Montana. She did. Similarly, my mantle is
not covered in cuteness. Hers is. Understand? I know you may find it
hard to believe that I would actually turn my blog password over to
someone else, but I think we can all agree that sometimes it's just
easier to give in.

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deb said...

You're a lucky Blogger indeed, to have such a willing, selfless, competent sous blogger, who can step in and take over when you're in a self-induced coma.

If I do say so myself.

Stephanie and I were having a nice time together whilst you were over there whimpering and/or unconscious.

OK, I'm going to just sit quietly and behave for a while now, I promise.