O Pioneer, or, Chicken Coop for the Soul

My mother is the queen of projects. She has turned Willy's, now their, house inside out, painting, refreshing, and making it livable. The old house, on five city lots, has an enormous yard which over the last century has hosted milk cows, a massive vegetable garden, and yes, chickens. At the back of the lot mom found a sagging, decayed chicken coop. She, as only Lois can do, set about turning it into the perfect potting shed. She had a contractor pull it up and make the structure sound. She found original windows and doors, as well as antique garden tools inside, and put them all to use to make about the cutest shed you have ever seen. She's quite proud of it, and herself, as she should be. Willy just shakes his head, and refers to it as Mrs. Burgdorfer's Villa.


squab said...

That is, indeed, the cutest shed I have ever seen, and I'm extremely covetous, but I have to alert you that all the luck is falling out of your horseshoes!

deb said...

Cutest out-building I've ever seen.

I'm loving these Roots photos. You're like Alex Haley.

A gay, white Alex Haley.