Oh, hello!

Thank you for your support during my recent blogatical; it was a time of rejuvenation and healing. But now it's on to year two: Going40, Senior Year!

I was, as is my way, nervous on the way to school today. My nerves dissipated when I stepped on campus and saw my first gaggle of freshman; I swear they looked barely pubescent. I had Biology first thing this morning, and we're going to have lots to talk about here. My over-eager first year prof (she's maybe 30, but I doubt it) was all prepared with pre-assigned work groups and notebooks and study guides and an 8-page syllabus. She also, God love her, made a little mini-speech about how she's earned her PhD and with it the right to be called Doctor, and so we should expect to call her Dr. _____ or Professor _____, but certainly not by her first name and definitely not Mrs. _____, as that would make her feel like an elementary school teacher. I wanted to point out that 1) since she was already treating us like elementary school students she sort of had Mrs. coming to her, and 2) what exactly is wrong with being an elementary school teacher in the first place, but I figured either of those might set the wrong tone for our relationship this semester, so I will seek more subtle ways to undermine her authority while also acing her class.

It was very fun to be back with my buddies from German class. There are five of us who are bravely going forward to intermediate German, as well as three interlopers, I mean newcomers, in the class. We sat across the room from them and did our best to be intimidating. Unfortunately, one of them, a freshman, speaks way better German than we do, so we will need to find other ways to feel superior. Don't count us out just yet.

As you can see, junior high is off to a great start.


Sean said...

Let's find out where she got her degree and then mock the school!!

That's one of my favorite academic games.

Eric said...

I think she went to Princeton.

Tom said...

How about Frau Poopy Pants? If its a biology class then you should be able to freely discuss schamlippen, right?