Running on empty

A couple people mentioned that I might have a tougher time running in the thinner air and higher altitude of Montana. Well. I had a terrific 11-mile run in Hamilton. Cool, breezy, sunny, crisp: the temperature at start was 56 degrees. I had beautiful views of the Bitterroot mountains, Como peaks, Blodgett canyon, and ran along Skalkaho creek. It was my favorite run of the summer.

Today I ran five miserable miles in the hot oppressive sun, temperatures in the 80s and the humidity just about that high. I'll take high altitude over high dew point ANY DAY.


Tom said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had enough time to acclimate to the elevation. We'll hope that your marathon weather is equally beautiful.

And welcome home.

deb said...

I now feel that my life has meaning and purpose, and my time on this planet has not been for naught.

Dewpoint is the point. It is everything. All goodness comes from low dewpoint. All badness comes from high dewpoint.

Nothing else matters.

You have learned much, my child.