Das Ausland

LAB: Biology of Human Function

That's Ollie the painted turtle on the right. Apologies for not getting a picture of Herbert the lungfish. He's gross. Perhaps we'll have to have a contest to name my fetal pig? That's right, dissection starts later this month. I continue to be deeply humiliated.


Sean said...

Can you believe I was in school from age 5 to 29 and never dissected anything?

How's German going?

Anonymous said...


Traffic, Trail, Train, Tank, Transit, Trap, Trash, Tray, Tread, Tree, Trek, Trench, Tribe, Trick, Trike, Trip, Toad, Trod, Troll, Trout, Truck, Trump, Trunk, Tryst, or my personal favorite, Trot (Track and Trig having been taken)?

I'd think of more, but it's time to make my live rebuttals to the big speech. As I have said before, it's a good thing I live alone.


William said...

I feel like this is a good time for your favorite science nerd to step in and throw his two cents into the mix.

I've dissected many a poor critter in my and I find that the best names come from your favorite music. Take my first love way back in high school biology. Her name was Cecilia the fetal pig and I sang Simon and Garfunkle to her everyday.

"Whoa, Cecilia, you're breakin' my heart" as I sliced around her's.