I just can't watch

Does that make me a wimp? Certainly. Unpatriotic? Maybe. A bad person? Some could argue. But I just can't do it.


Meema said...

Argh. I'm about to join you.

deb said...

I had the TV on while I patrolled the Internet.

It was unremarkable.

Of course, the only thing I really wanted was to watch McCain crash and burn. I think his dodging the last couple days was only to lower expectations of his performance.

You can proceed with your previous voting plans.

Naomi Welsh said...

I thought I was the only one. Thanks - now I don't feel so terrible. Well, I never really did, but people kept trying to MAKE me feel terrible about it. I went ahead and had a party & we never once turned on the TV. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched a debate (or a political speech) in a couple, three?, decades. I didn't like watching Clinton speak and I mostly AGREED with him. The debate last night was uneventful and mostly unenlightening. I'm sure it didn't swing many votes.


Stephanie said...

But at least it was actually a DEBATE, with back-and-forth discussion. I thought it was nice to watch two intelligent people talk about their viewpoints on issues. Not that there wasn't plenty of artful (and not-so-artful) question-dodging, but at least neither one was trying to prove that he was the only one sufficiently folksy and uninformed that we should feel comfortable voting for him.

I confess, I watched with a little tear in my eye, thinking, "I've got my country back!"