Liberty and custard for all

- posted by Sous Blogger Deb

We have spoken often here of Liberty Custard, and of the wonders of Magic Cookie Bar. I’d like to return to the LC discussion, and offer my strong recommendation for another standout flavor: Chocolate Chocolate Cake. Earlier this evening I had a hot fudge sundae made with the aforementioned CCC, and it was the most perfect thing I’ve ever eaten at LC. For real.

In photo A, notice the liberal* use of whipped cream with the added delight of a wafer cookie and a cherry. I really like whipped cream.

In photo B, after my cherry disappears** you can see the beauty of CCC, with its perfect ratio of custard substrate plus cake mix-in, nestled into the hot fudge cloud. In true liberal fashion, each element supports the others.

Some might say adding hot fudge to chocolate chocolate cake is a little too much chocolate emphasis, and to you I say nay. Nay. Next time, fling yourself at the chocolate and don’t blink. Be liberal when you embrace it, and generous with your mouth when you eat it.*** ****

* and I mean liberal in the truest, best sense of the word: generous, free, abundant, favoring reform or progress, not mean, not narrow or bigoted -- Webster’s New 20th Century Unabridged

** hahahahahahahaha

*** The comments contained herein are in no way endorsed, supported, or approved by Going40 Himself. Chocolate Chocolate Cake may indeed be tasty, but is acceptable only when topped with Something To Chew. For a complete list of acceptable, nay, delicious, LC flavors, please contact Going40 Himself directly. He also in no way condones the use of cherry in any context on this blog. --SR

**** The contrast between the smoooooooth custard and the well-incorporated cake is pure mouthfeel joy in CCC. Observe the -intertexturality- of the elements, which combine to form a perfect whole. Nothing jarring or rough to get stuck in your teeth. As I've pointed out before, we are Differently Interested. -- I was going to sign this with my initials, but it turns out Sous Blogger Deb doesn't really make the best monogram.


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THE MAN always has to have the last word.

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I fixed that last word thing.

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