Triviality just for you

1. I am dead-tired. The major life lesson I learned from both parents is to become absolutely obsessed with a project. So today I painted. Primed, actually, and am almost finished with that part of the project.

2. The new color: Mountain Air. It joins Bare Branches and the pretty dark brown that I can't remember the name. We say goodbye to Fresco and Red Miso. They have served us well. Our new palette is lighter, softer, and more subtle.

3. Eric does NOT like having his nest all messed up. I find the whole thing very exciting so don't mind as much.

4. The first exam of the school year freaks me out. It doesn't help that it's a German prepositions exam on Monday. Biology follows on Friday. Much studying for all of us.

5. I am eating my first Honeycrisp apple of the season. I hereboy resolve to eat only apples, butternut squash and bacon for the next two months.

6. The other useful thing my parents taught me? Expensive taste. I finally found the land of good carpet yesterday, and immediately zeroed in on the good, really good stuff. Deb had pre-screened for me, to save me from the very real danger of touching something synthetic.

7. Wish me well as I recover; I'm going to donate a kidney or spleen or something to pay for the new carpet.

8. Minnesota Opera released its recording of The Grapes of Wrath, and it is spectacular. One particular aria, a lullaby really, can make me bawl on cue.

9. October 14 is looking more and more like the date for the new Macbook release. Please join me in fervent and inappropriate prayer.


deb said...

Commensal triviality just for you:

1. We are not merely the spawn of our parents. You could, if you chose, practice pacing yourself differently. This is one of the benefits of being an adult. We can choose and learn a different way. Any day that I have reminded no one of my mother, I've had a good day. In other news, I'm consumed with chartreuse envy about your painting progess.

2. So, no chartreuse envy in the new color plan?

3. Eric is adorable, but he's getting absolutely no sympathy from me on this one. Every day, my whole house is worse than yours is this week. (Aside to self: "um, whose fault is that?") (Self to aside: "shut up.")

4. Mein gott! Peristalsis!

5. Are you planning an applewood send-off for Norma's remains?

6. It was an honor to be of service. Wool is the right choice, even if a theoretical person-of-sensitive-skin would be unable to roll around naked on it.

7. Go with the kidney. The factory configuration is redundant.

8. Does the GoW CD have "Things Turn Around" on it? I loved that too.

9. Prayer? OK, sure. I'm on it. For what that's worth.

deb said...

To our holy father, prince of pieces, ocean of wisdom, Steven of Jobs, we pray for your downtrodden and forgotten lamb, Scooter, who, in his confusion did earlier choose the path of PC misery and sin. We pray for his relief from suffering, for his deliverance from evil, for his return to your good graces. He has traveled a hard road, but received the gift of a spiritual awakening. He was lost in the desert, and though your benign, all-seeing wisdom, fell upon a virgin iPhone, and yea, did See for the first time, and has never wavered. Praise be to your name, and from your ferocious grip please release the new MacBooks in all their righteous, titanium-clad beauty, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, world without end, amen.

Anonymous said...


That'll help a lot.

Scott Rohr said...

Most people don't realize that Deb was once a nun.

In my defense, I did not CHOOSE the path of PC. It was set before me with little alternative. Though I must admit that later on I saw the path of Mac off in the distance but was frightened by it and could not force my way through the thicket to follow it. Knowing more about horticulture know, and metaphor, I now understand the thicket is soft and lovely, green and verdant.

Eric said...

...warm and moist?

Stephanie said...

Eric needs to come to my house. There, he will learn to appreciate the benefits of a messy nest, compared to one which is still just twigs, lying loose around the forest.

New opportunities for organ donation are now posted on my blog.

Ann said...

I skipped Homecoming Coronation tonight.

Eric M said...

I, for one, would like to read some of Deb's limerick prayers.

Stephanie said...

Inasmuch as no winner has been announced (as far as I know), G40's last limerick contest is still technically open. . . .

Eric said...


deb said...

I'm unable to restrain myself from acting out anonymously on the Internet. Does it really show that much? You think you know me??

You are shameless in your trolling, the whole lot of you.