A banner day

Two notable happenings today. First, forgive me if I've never mentioned it before, but I desperately need a new computer (fun new development this weekend: my trackpad gets "stuck" every few minutes; the only solution is to pound on either side of the pad with my fists, which I can't imagine is that great for the machine). Anyhoo, Apple finally made its announcement today. The new MacBooks have many of the features we've been expecting, though the rumor of a lower price point for an entry-level model did not come to fruition. And in a sneaky bit of meanness, they reduced the student discount from $100 to $50. Since blogging takes up much of my time, I'm hoping my loyal readers will come through for me. Maybe I should set up a Paypal account . . .

And lest you think Going40 isn't about achieving its original goals: we have, finally, an official recital date. Please mark your calendars and come hear my senior recital on Thursday, March 19, 7:30pm at Sundin Music Hall on Hamline's campus. Bach, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Thomas, and Ravel on the program.

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deb said...


I just looked it up.

March 19 is the last day of winter. The next day is the first day of spring.

Your recital is on Equinox Eve.