I am not a cliche, dammit!

You'll notice that last night I added two words to the Words We Embrace box o'er yonder. About two seconds ago I was reading a review of the Minnesota Orchestra in the StarTribune. It reads, in part:

Jie Chen, who in 2004 captured the grand prize at the second International Piano e-Competition with this orchestra on this stage, offered a deliciously poised performance of the concerto, distinguished by limpid tone. In the
effervescent middle movement, marked by chamber-like exchanges with the orchestra, she found a carefree swing that would tickle the sensibility of any Parisian boulevardier. And she rose above the Presto's manic tarantella.

Is this a sign that limpid and efferevescent are too oft-used for our list?


Eric M said...

Those words are so Thursday. Try to keep up, will you?

Ann said...

Who wrote that review?
A secret G40 fan, no doubt.

Stephanie said...

And real Parisians find those who swing as they walk the boulevards just plain annoying.