Now back to me

That Obama guy has gotten a LOT of attention this week, much of it deserved, but really, it's time for America's focus to return to what really matters: me and my petty concerns.

1. Today I turned in a biology paper. Yes, really. Mind Games: The Contemporary Evolution of Understanding and Treating Depression promises to be a hit on the lecture circuit very soon. And of course many prestigious journals are clamoring for the right to publish this gem. Sous Blogger Deb was a valuable, nay, critical source in producing this work. 

2. I have undertaken my first co-curricular activity at Hamline. I have been selected to be a student representative on the Bookstore Advisory Committee. I am both pro-books and pro-bookstores, so my selection was almost a foregone conclusion. A classmate who served on the committee last year described the work of the group as "lame" so I look forward to being a maverick and really getting in there and making some good changes for the people.

3. Cookies are coming out of the oven. Are there enough for you? Considering that four sticks of butter and three bags of chocolate chips went into the bowl, I'd say so.


Anonymous said...

I suspect you were aiming for irony but I think we'd all do well to eschew the word "maverick" for the next few decades.


deb said...

Neurogenesis vs. attrition. Serotonin. Brain-derived neurotropin factor. Maverick. Change.

COOKIES ???????