On my own

Can't talk, much too busy, catch you later. But wanted to let you know that I had to violate an honored tradition here at Going40 this afternoon: I registered for next semester's classes without your input. I know, I'm ungrateful. But my advisor didn't get me my registration PIN until this afternoon, and registration opened yesterday morning, and my science choice of class was filling up fast. Here's the skinny:

1. Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (yes, another bio class. but so far, so good this semester, and this one actually sounds fun. and only a 2-hour lab, which is a huge selling point).

2. Intermediate German II. The humiliation continues. I still sound less than human when I try to string more than four words together.

3. Senior recital. March 19. I get credit for that. I'll write pithy program notes to keep you in your seats.

4. Piano. Only 2 credits this semester, thank God. 

And then, hopefully, we're done! We have to work out some transfer credits with the registrar's office. We'll take care of that next week.


Eric said...

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. I wish that we could do it all again.

Sean said...

It's hard to string those German words together. Try not to dwell. We'll get you up to five or six words by spring, I have no doubt!

Eric said...

(Isn't there anyone who got that I'm quoting lyrics from Patti LaBelle's "On My Own" in the above comment? Jees!)