You think you've had pie

Trust me, you've never had pie. Clockwise from top: pumpkin and sweet potato, the smoothest creamiest puree you've ever had. Apple and cranberry, the cranberry component a homemade jam spread over the bottom of the crust. Finally, homemade mincemeat: raisins, currants, apples, spices, suet, brandy. And all with Eric's unbelievable vodka pie crust.


rootbeerlady said...

Ah, mincemeat. I love it. (I like most varieties of fruitcake too. I wonder if there is a correlation.)

Just tried the vodka pie crust recipe today -- the half butter, half shortening version. It is very good though the vodka kind of puts you off sampling the uncooked dough.

deb said...

Are there leftovers?

Pie is my #1 food, in case you'd managed to forget.

DM said...

vodka pie crust?! I gots to gets me some of dat!