-27 degrees

We want to return to civilization, but Jon's car won't start. Jon is
Eric's brother. Keep up, people. Ingrid is lending a charge.


deb said...

My Grandma and Grandpa Moline lived in Tracy, Minnesota. When I was little, in the 1950s, they had that same famous picture on the wall in their dining room. I just googled for it, and learned that it's called "Grace." It was originally a photograph taken in 1918 by Eric Enstrom, in Bovey, Minnesota. The man in the picture was named Charles Wilden.

When I was little I always assumed it was a picture of my grandpa's grandpa, and I was well into adulthood before I learned that there was a different story.

In other news, see that guy in the red hat in the foreground of the photo? He has the look of the devil in his eyes.


(Yeah, my 11:00 person is blowing me off.)

Sherrill in PDX said...

The cabin hardly looks like a hardship post. Good luck and good health in the new year. A regular reader.