On your marks

Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens. It's holiday baking time.

Once those godforsaken finals are over next week, I will turn to seasonal pursuits with a vengeance. I am going to do much baking for gifts this year. Here's my list, so far:

1. Belgian Waffle Cookies: a speciality requiring my custom-made waffle iron. I'll make about 100 dozen. That. Is. Not. An. Exaggeration.

2. Double Chocolate-Cherry Espresso Bites. This year's StarTrib winning cookie. I think they look supernum, but not as fabulous as . . .

3. Frosted Cardamom Cookies, another StarTrib cookie finalist. Screw tradition, me wants new things.

4. Deformed Gingerbread People. That's right, the cookie cutters arrived!

5. Lefse: friends Mindy and Jud will be coming down from Glenwood, lefse-making expertise in tow, and we'll crank out some rounds.

6. Eric has a couple varieties of cookies he always makes, as well as his Norwegian Christmas bread. You can check out eWAC sometime soon for the proper spellings of all that.

7. Something new that YOU suggest. What cookie can I not do without this year? Of course, ideally you're baking them and giving me some, but alternatively, share a recipe or reference?


Meema said...

Do you love the cookie cutters?

Scott Rohr said...

I do love the cookie cutters! They're smaller than I had imagined, so they'll be little deformed children instead of gingerbread men, but that's okay.

Elise said...

Bourbon balls. Because you gotta love a "cookie" whose fumes could make you drunk. And yes, I will be giving you some.

Eric said...

We should have a Going40 blog cookie exchange!

Eric M said...

I love my grandmother's recipe for Coconut Crescents, which are a bit like Russian Tea Cakes but with coconut.

I know coconut is a non-starter for some, but I love it, and am sentimental about these cookies.

Anonymous said...

Definitely gingersnaps. Key is white pepper and minced candied orange peel. And they are soft cookies. I do have Austrian Lintzer Torte bars in the oven now. I also do Swedish Cardamom Rolls, mixed nut brittle, and lavender shortbread cookies with lemon icing. I too saw the Strib cookie recipe (sigh) so I'll have to tr that too. I would be more than happy to trade, Scott. Let me know. Karen B.

deb said...

Old business: Tom, I made Company Potatoes last weekend, and they were exactly what I had in mind. I had to invent how to apply the cornflakes. I opted to use a rolling pin to ensmallen them a bit, and then melt the 1/4 cup of butter and toss the flakes with the butter. The flakes make the dish.

I served it with Anna Marie's Cheesy Meatloaf.

OK, back to cookies.

Tom said...

^^^ EXCELLENT! I'm glad I could help in a very small way.

Scott and Eric: SPRITZ cookies. Remember, the recipe from Cook's Illustrated that I lent you in July? ;-)