I have been unable to blog because Sous Blogger forced me into
servitude. I have escaped to the wild, though I'm sure it will be no
time before she realizes that she has nobody to do her bidding.
Please, I beg you: ignore the Amber Alert. It is a ruse.

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deb said...

to Scott: Once again, your false selflessness is transparently obvious to all.

to the readers: The Blogger Himself is all tucked in at a snuggly cabin with his sweetie for a few days. He has a steamer trunk-full of natural fibre yarn for knitting, and new (non-textbook) books to devour as he sits in front of the fire. When he looks out the window, it's a winter wonderland. Perhaps tomorrow they'll go for a nice ski run.

By contrast, I was housebound today (um, never got out of my pajamas, actually) and spent a *long* time cleaning up the mess that Scott made here last night.

Prior to this, all previous OSHA workplace violations had been corrected, and so it's not my fault that he didn't use the oven mitt, and that a second-degree burn allegedly singed his non-dominant hand. A little.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's a well-deserved rest ... watch out for the bears.