Stock, taken

If all my readers were as thorough and engaged as our intrepid Stephanie, Going40 would have very little to do. As it is, she figured out the grades correctly, using the same tools that you all had at your disposal, though perhaps with an extra helping of worldliness and skill. My grades are what they are, and I'm trying to shake off a shitty semester and move on, and not beat myself up, and not cry over spilt milk, and all those other bon mots that make me such a fabulous writer. I promise to regroup and enter 2009 with a much improved attitude.

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Stephanie said...

Mostly, I learned from those who went before me--the fearless efforts of Becky, Tom and Meema gave me the clues that I needed to solve this puzzle.

And just one more bon mot to close out that year: Scott, you got an A in BIOLOGY! You faced one of your big fears (a science class) head-on, not by taking some whimpy environmental thing, but by taking a class about icky bodily functions, including a lab, and YOU GOT AN A! That's a nice, golden star to have in the crown of your college achievements and probably worth a bit of slippage in other classes where you've already proven yourself.

So put that in your pipe and have a Merry Christmas!