Blogs save lives

So I posted my pithy little remark about the start of attack four last night. About fifteen minutes later, I was almost delirious, and NOT in a good way. I spoke with my doctor late last night and am going in today to discuss "pain management," and by discuss that had better mean a prescription for narcotics. She's also going to look into accelerating the schedule for surgery. Good idea. I want this motherf'in' thing out. Sorry.

What made last night bearable was that an angel of mercy saw my blog post and arrived on my doorstep a while later with Vicodin. Let me say first that this was a selfless and generous thing to do, coming out in the cold to help me. Let me also say that I completely empathize with anyone who has an addiction to prescription pain killers. That is some good good stuff. I drifted off to sleep, still with pain, but not caring, and woke this morning rested, calm, and as limp as a rag doll. I plan on staying in bed until I am forced to get up. I also plan on never eating again.

UPDATE: Have been to the doctor and now have my very own prescription for Vicodin. Enough to hold me over until we get this thing out of there. My gallbladder is "full of sludge and stones." Appointment with surgeon on Tuesday, with the hope of moving the surgery earlier.


Eric M said...

Oh, Scott, I'm sorry to hear all that. Bless the Vicodin-bearing Angel!

Meema said...

Dang, my angel never brings the good stuff!

So glad you were able to find some relief and rest last night. Keep us updated, svp. Who knows what other blesssings will come your way via your readership?

Eric said...

She really has lived up to her iPhone harp ringtone.

Cate said...

I hope you have a good day today. Sorry to hear you were in pain. Yuck!

Elise said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got the Vicodin. They told you what foods to avoid to help lessen the attacks, right? (Basically anything greasy or rich. So, um, anything good.) Gall bladders are so stupid.