It is a school night

Where exactly did that holiday break go, I ask you? 

Tomorrow we begin math class. I am scared, but not terribly, because how bad can it be, right? Also, I have a tutor lined up, in the building. I think he thinks he's just humoring me, and that I won't require his assistance. Little does he know. I am going to show up at his door, tears in my eyes, baked goods in hand, and he is going to explain how the letters are really numbers and add up to something I should care about.

And yes, it was a happy birthday. Onward, comrades.


deb said...

Lars, you're a very lucky man.

He's quite a good cook, and he's serious.

Stephanie said...

It would probably help if you could make your lip tremble for the first question or two, as well.

Elise said...

Happy belated birthday!