New Year done right

The fabulous open house in the fabulous home of E&B is a New Year's Day tradition. Since we've known them, part of that tradition has been me baking a cake for the occasion. Creating a cake that gets noticed among their gorgeous spread of food—not to mention the world's most thoughtfully curated designer lighting—is nigh unto impossible. This year I reached into my bag of tricks and spun sugar. The golden halo on top of the cake looks great on a sunny day, and frankly, it's always a sunny day at E&B's. The cake itself? Cardamom butter cake with a dulce de leche filling and cardamom spice buttercream. It didn't suck.


Eric said...

I just wish it hadn't hurt with every bite to eat that yummy cake, as well as all the other fabulous foods.

Meema said...

How sad am I that I had to miss E&B's open house, let alone that masterpiece?? Um, very.