Sous Blogger clearly abused her powers and privileges with that little photo post. And Eric, well, don't get me started. Photographing unconscious people seems somehow perverted, dontcha think?

It's 6pm, and I feel awake for about the first time since the surgery. Also in a Vicodin haze, which I will be staying in overnight, believeyoume. Everything went fine, aside for a little nausea and inability to stay upright when they first tried to get me to leave the recovery room. Um, hello, give a boy a chance to come out of the anesthesia before prepping the room for the next paying customer. So they give me some pills and had me stay another hour.

Eric, aside from his glee over taking embarrassing photos of me, has been most solicitous. Thanks everyone, for the good wishes.


Meema said...

Oh, that eWAC - he draws the line, walks it, then steps on over. Always with the best of intentions, though.

Glad you're home safely!

Eric M said...

Yay! Scott's back, Scott's back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I'm SURE it was worth it. Vicodin is a marvelous comfort.


Stephanie said...

Glad to hear that all went well, and hope that you're feeling better, even without Vicodin, very soon!

And that no one skimps on your Vicodin until then!

Burt C said...

Glad it went well and hope you are feeling 100% soon!