Happy new year!

Yes, here at Going40 we're pretending that January didn't happen. Even though it's the month of my birth and all, it sucked. So, moving on. It's a beautiful sunny morning; Eric and his dad are off to ski the City of Lakes Loppet (Q: What is less fun than nervous Vollens pre-race? A: Let me know when you find something); I am still on sabbatical (which I really should start enjoying soon); I received a beautiful tropical bouquet of orchids pre-surgery from my father; after said surgery (tomorrow!) I will once again be able to eat cheese and exercise; I have no math homework to do this weekend (the final on Friday was one of the more humiliating experiences of my life. Not because it was so hard, though it was. But because I was taking a math final, at 41. I spent most of the next 24 hours near tears. But I'm better now.); Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open this morning (though I feel badly for Roger Federer; if you don't understand the import of this match you can look it up); I did not get the piano practicing done this month that I thought I would (see gallbladder, math), but I am making progress, and looking forward to my recital, which I am moving to graduation week in May so that I don't have to push it and so that my mom (and anyone else who wants to) can be there without having to travel twice (besides, she chose a junket to Germany over my recital in March anyway); I am trying to be hopeful that the expanded pool of freelance clients and enormous piles of work I have is a good thing (instead of focusing on the fact that they aren't #&*%& paying me on time); February may be the month that we rejoin civilization and get a television; and, finally, I woke up thinking, "I owe my readers a blog post." February is going to be the Best Month Ever, I just know it.


Becky said...

Scott- I share your sentiments on January and am also excited it's over. Here's to a fabulous February, successful surgery tomorrow, and a night at the bull dog soon! -Becky

Eric M said...

Oh, no! Does this mean 100 people are coming to my house today? I'd better start boiling macaroni and grating cheese...

Welcome back; you've been missed.

Cate said...

I laughed when I saw the 'Happy New Year' title on my blog. You are so right. January was a stinker all the way around.
I hope surgery goes well. The choir was thinking about you today. I would be excited about getting to eat food again but not so much with the exercise.
Happy February!

Ann said...

Good luck tomorrow, Scott.

Reasons you are right about February being a great month:

My birthday.

That's enough, right?

PS: Less fun than Vollens pre-race? How about Wachtlers in the midst of a move?

FYI fact: In the time it takes to listen to your piano recital (the version on my iPod), one can color one's hair.