Next, please

I know, you probably haven't finished the Bittman or the Pollan. But there is not one second to lose, people! The earth is dying, we are fat, we must fix everything, now! So read The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman. I can't put it down, which is unfortunate, since I have a ton of homework and editing to do.

Oh yeah, the semester began while I was recuperating. New awesome class: Biodiversity. Professor smart and fun and gets it. Topics interesting, relevant, and not cheesy. 

And speaking of writing/editing: I have (had) a new client. I did a TON of work for new client in January. I invoiced client every week. Client agreed to all. Client very very happy with work. Client no pay. Client lie to me six different ways about paying/not paying/paying later/already paid. Client stiff me for for $2500. Client must die.


deb said...

I hold out hope that client is just 'slow' ... 90 days is unpleasant, but not unheard of.

But stay in his face about it.

Anonymous said...

erm ... phil said that.


MK said...

Scott sue client's pants off?

Tom said...

or publicly shame client AND get money? or send henchmen to get what is owed? you have henchmen, do you not?

Mark said...

I suppose you want us to be the henchmen.

Scott Rohr said...

Um, Mark, it took you long enough to figure that out. Tom and Mark are my straight henchmen, everyone knows that. Now get to work.

Tom said...

And because calling in the gay henchmen is an absolute last resort. They are not to be messed with!

Eric said...

Don't fuck with the Erics.

Ann said...

Sam West.
Wentworth Miller.
George Eads.

The question? Who shall play Scott and his henchmen in the movie version.

FYI: Sam is way cuter in person than any google image can capture, and he's a real actor, not a movie star. His was my favorite Hamlet. He does A LOT of voice work in the UK and is an expert on accents, so he could probably imitate Scott perfectly. And they do look alike... Yes, I've given this a lot of thought. I don't know what Tom and Mark look like, so I went for the pretty.

Oh, and Eric would play himself. Same reason.

Scott Rohr said...

Ann: It's kind of eerie how close you hit the nail on the proverbial head with your movie star likenesses of Tom and Mark.