Okay, I don't know if it's Eric being gone for the weekend, or hormones, or a migraine today, or that I'm just a sap, but the following have ALL made me weep this weekend:

1. A story on NPR this morning about a harpist who sits and plays in an emergency room most days, calming not only the patients but the harried doctors and nurses.

2. An article in today's StarTrib about another batch of soldiers leaving northern Minnesota for Iraq.

3. The Valentine Eric left for me to find. Cover: For Valentine's Day this year, I'm re-gifting. Inside: Here's my heart—again.

4. The Colin Farrell movie A Home at the End of the World.

Enough with the waterworks. Think I'll go mix a Prozac nightcap.


Meema said...

Rock's card rocks. It made me "Aww!" out loud.

Anonymous said...

Oh, darn. I HATE when that happens.


Richard said...

Best card... EVER.

Sean said...

A Home at the End of the World made me cry, too.