I know, I know

But I'm busy, and when I'm not, I'm knitting a really beautiful sweater, and it consumes me.

I'm studying for a Biodiversity test (still love the class, bythebye), and reading now of a concept known as the Tragedy of the Commons. Basically, it's economically best for each of us to use as much as possible of the resources available to all, screw the earth, screw the other guy. It's very deep. But I was thinking: a much more pertinent, interesting (sorry, Prof K) concept to me is the Tragedy of the Common. So. tragic. You know who you are (though none of you are reading this blog, I'm sure). Cheerio.

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Meema said...

If the sweater takes up so much of your time (and who could fault you for that, 'cuz it is beeootiful), I think the responsible blogger thing to do is throw us a bone with a progress photo. Or two.