Google really wants me to have ads on my blog. There have always been three tabs for producing the blog: Posting, Settings, Layout. Now they've added a fourth: Monetize. Turning ads on (and hopefully off) now takes approximately.031478 seconds. I was curious what would show up, ads tailored to my blog and (I presume) readership. First ad: Bundt cake recipe. Second: See how Rachel Ray Lost 30 Pounds. And, we're done with the ads experiment on Going40.


Eric M said...

#1 Law of a Perfect Body

I cured my wrinkles!

Anonymous said...

I find it very easy to ignore ads on/in blogs. Don't love 'em but if they help ya pay the bills ...

John said...

yeah, remember the other day when a notice appeared saying blogger would be down for maintenance? When it came back on, monetize was on!

The google ads (adsense) are in fact based upon your contact. I have had them on for awhile now...haven't made any money with them, but I have gotten blog post ideas from them LOL. So that wasn't so bad. I like them, since they break up the posts, and could use extra $, but I'm pretty sure only bloggers read blogs, and we aren't clicking the ads!

I think you would have to have at least hundreds of page views per day and maybe you would get a few people to click ads...if you're lucky.

It does seem weird that they would "push" adsense, which they obviously are with the monetize tab.