New blog idea: list of foods I've eaten

This weekend was an orgy of good food made by people I love. The McIrishyIrishes made the most delicious cornedbeefcolcannonglazedcarrotscabbageirishsodabreadguinesschocolatecake I have ever had. Then last night Eric gave Deb a lesson on how to bake his most perfectest multigrain sandwich bread (if you haven't had it, we must not love you), and she made the absolute best split pea soup I have ever consumed. It seriously rocked the legume house. Word. I may give up cooking and just go from friend to friend, begging for my supper.


deb said...

Oh wow. It's such an honor just to be nominated in the same category as the Irishy McIrish family. This is not going to happen again in my lifetime.

I followed every single direction in the Cook's Illustrated Soups and Stews book, and now I'm a skilled legumier.

Erin, A Crafty Lass said...

I'm so happy that you liked our irish food extravaganza so much, especially since you don't like cooked carrots or dry bread.

Deb, I'd like some of your (now famous) split pea soup please.

Ann said...

If you had been in my AP class today, you could have enjoyed a lovely 8 vegetable stew over cous cous. I skipped the big "if we win our boys basketball team goes to state" game last night to peel and dice and simmer.

(We're starting Things Fall Apart)
(We won)
(Secret ingredient = golden raisins)
(I paid the grocery bill -- $8 in leeks alone -- and the students pitched in a buck each as a donation to Unicef.)