There's never been a day like this day to me. . .

A childhood song, except that I think the day in question was meant to
be a good thing. It's so shitty outside right now and by outside I
mean outside the windows of the 21 bus which is taking me to school at
a snail's pace. I forgot a book. Except for my biology book and who
wants to read that (even though I barely skimmed the reading for
today). And maybe I'm new to the ways of the bus world--this being
Eric's domain--but shouldn't there be a rule about talking to
strangers if you're icky? As in, don't. Almost to the midtown station.
Only four more hours to go. Last night we rearranged almost all the
furniture in our house and it's ever so much better. We both agreed we
hated having the new tv in the bedroom so we moved it out into the
main room. We're now calling that corner of the space the den because
neither of us believes in having the tv in the living room. All of
south Minneapolis just got on the bus. If you have headphones on I
shouldn't be able to hear your music. Or smell you. I'm really ready
for school to be done. Does anyone know a good sports psychologist?
I'm really having trouble memorizing piano music. I've always had that
trouble but the problem seems particularly acute now. May 21 is, like,
tomorrow. Almost to Hiawatha. It seems like I'm not saying much given
the distance but this is good stuff using only my thumb. At the
light rail station. Very tempting to take it to the airport and hop on
the next flight south. Even if just for a few hours. Fourteen folks
exited at Arby's. Mr. Smelly Pump Up the Jam opts to stay put. Any
ideas about what I should with the rest of my life? Not too many
takers at Denny's today but the McDonald's drivethru is doing a brisk
business. I happen to know that Prof K lives very nearby this next
intersection. Not going to be happy if I see that Prius glide silently
by. Here's my old office. I'd rather be on this bus forever. I can
even see them in there. Kind of surreal. When does the coffee cart
come by? At the Mussissiopi. I left that spelling to show how poorly
iPhone's auto correct sometimes works. Though you can be sure it
always corrects iPhone, even if I meant to spell vagina. Which I never
do. Who knew the 21D doesn't go to Snelling but turns on Cretin? I
didn't. But now I'm outside. Now back on a bus. Oops. Got on a 53 by
accident. Have no idea what I'm doing. Though getting to class on time
doesn't seem likely. Very curious. Hope to hop off before turning. Not
sure if I have more cash for another bus ride. Almost to Snelling.
That's good. Turning. The right way. Oops. East 94 would have been a
bad idea. Nice of the driver to let me off. Wet walk north. The bus I
next needed just splashed me going over the freeway. Next one not for
20 minutes. Now I walk. Thanks for riding along.

Von meinem iPhone gesendet


Eric M said...

Thank you, Mr. Kerouac.

Did you know the map app on the iPhone will tell you when the next bus is coming? Just plot directions between two points and click on the little bus icon at the top. You can also use the phone to call a taxi on a rainy day, which is expensive, but a lot cheaper than a second car payment.

Stephanie said...

How ironic is it that I have a private car and driver to take me 'most everywhere while I'm in West Africa, and I'm still probably exposed to many, many more bad-smelling people than can fit in a Twin Cities bus? Some of whom, unfortunately, may well be me. Did I mention that it's ridiculously hot and humid here?