Who's that on the right????

Two can play this game.

- posted by MiiDeb


Eric M said...

I believe this is knows as Wiitaliation.

Scott Rohr said...

Someone is about to lose her secret password.

deb said...

Uh oh. Wiitaliation is Losing Strategy #5.1.

I'll behave.


Because I've already revealed your inner yogimii.


Meredith said...

I want to know why no one is wearing pants.

deb said...

I wondered that too, Meredith.

If you look really closely, we all have on off-white work-out pants. Note the subtle angle of fabric at the ankle.

When we created our mii characters we only got to specify the shirt color, but we definitely all got pants too. In other parts of Wii you can tell we all have pants on. When I step on and off the white plastic floor mat, I have on black leggings.

Kind of a relief for everyone, frankly.