Good morning, boys and girls

It's been quite the adventure thus far, here in LaCrosse. I decided to walk to the university last night to register, using the if-I-were-a-university-in-a-medium-sized-town-where-would-I-be method. So instead of walking 1.6 miles, I walked about 3.5. Now I rely on the shuttles.

This is a crazy operation. Very organized: tote bags, water bottles, presentation books, schedules, signage everywhere, and so forth. Which is appropriate, given that 2,500 of us are presenting over three days. Someone is making a killing on this racket.

I spent most of last night holed up in my room, editing my presentation, and creating a visual representation to show via blog whilst I'm dropping the pears of wisdom. I'll link to that later (don't want to give away the good stuff yet).

Now I'm all dressed up, ready to catch a shuttle to UWLA. I'm going to catch some other presentations before my own at 2:45pm. I will also be posting some of my favorite project titles, because, holy crap, people will research just. about. anything.

Here we go!


Tom said...

Good luck, Scott! Dazzle their pants off.

Eric said...

Especially if Nate's there!