It's official

I have senioritis. I have zero interest in learning anything. I am irritated by the pathetic pedagogical attempts of every teacher I have ever had, and particularly those I have now (no offense). I resent all homework, every exam, each moment I must spend looking up some lame word or term. I hate the time it takes to log on a computer at the library. I hate the way the worker's glove looks condensed with moisture at the Klas snack bar. I want to burn all my textbooks. I hate the humid, musty, neglected smell of the music building. I hate all the handmade posters on butcher paper on the railings of every building for dance team tryouts, choir concerts, and student government involvement. I want to be a normal adult, with normal problems. I want nothing to do with children who think the fall of the Berlin Wall coincides with the civil war and the alleged birth of Christ. In short: I. Am. Done.

Except for that I'm not.


Meredith said...

You should hang out with Andrew and Lindsey. You can all feel each others pain.

Anonymous said...

"All of life's big problems include the words "indictment" or "inoperable." Everything else is small stuff."

- Alton Brown

josh said...

there. there.