A bar with a view

Moto-i, in our neighborhood. I don't particularly like Sake, and Moto-I's food is eh, but I'll be happy to sit and have a gin and tonic on a sunny afternoon, enjoying the view.


Brigitte said...

I think moto is 'north'. Our neighborhood consists of a moto azabu, we are minami(south) azabu and then there is nishi(west) azabu ...there is no higashi(east) azabu. That's the lesson of the day from Tokyo. I'm not even sure if it's accurate, but let's pretend it is. Next time you go to Moto-i ask them how it translates. You probably already know the answer.

sheila b. said...

The Liffey in downtown St. Paul offers another fab second-story-cocktail-patio with a view.

Tom said...

I dug the sake but agree that the food is meh, just like Herkimer. They apparently have the sous chef from Vincent heading the kitchen. French = Japanese, right?