Final runthrough


Elise said...

Woo! Can't wait!

Stephanie said...

Since Scott is so busy with his finals this week, I think that we, his faithful readers, should also be assigned some final blogwork (in addition to the limericks we're all madly working on in secret, I mean). I propose that we all go back and read the beginning of this blog.

I've just been re-reading the posts from August 2007, and it's very Enlightening. So far, my favorite is Deb's comment to the "Peer Review" post, where she first introduces us to the concept of Scott's return to college as a paradigm of the monomythic hero's journey. I'm especially excited that on Thursday night, we'll all be gathering to experience Part 3 of the Journey: "3. return. the hero has to go back, or somehow complete the journey. this is where the hero has a big party and invites all his friends over to thank them for their help and encouragement and tells what he's learned, and there's really good food."

How's that for dramatic foreshadowing?!

deb said...

Our Stephanie's given the nudge,
(Gefingerpoked right in the pudge)
I better start working
On limericks - start perking!
I'm hoping to dazzle the judge.

OK, my first effort was crappy -
My rhyme scheme is nothing but sappy.
I have to do better -
Moister and wetter -
There! Now I'm a little bit happy. :-)

Oh dear, that one got kind of dirty.
(I meant to be not even flirty.)
I'm rusty and old.
Have lim'ricks gone cold??
I wish I was younger by thirty.

There, now I can feel my brain moving,
the rhymes showing up for the proving.
I'll be back with more,
I'll have more than four,
I'm getting back into the grooving.


The effort, you see, is behooving.

Anonymous said...


That must be a doctoral-level word.


deb said...

Stephanie, I'd forgotten all about that post. I liked Ann's addition about the hero's "last chance for change."

So now that you've gotten me started, and words through my hands have departed, I'm thinking in cheap rhyme, the syllables in time, and can't stop e'en though this one smarted.

Tom said...

May I ask for a clarification from all you learned readers? Aren't limericks supposed to be dirty? Isn't that a hallmark of the style? The way I see it, the more coarse the language and the more frequent the reference to vaginal intercourse, the better. Especially considering our patron's sensibilities.

deb said...

Tom, I'm disproportionately proud of "gefingerpoked" and "moister" and "wetter" and the "dirty/flirty paradigm and "behooving."

Get your mind back in the G40 gutter and you'll see my compliance.

Going 40 in a 20 Zone said...

As always, Tom has his finger exactly on the, er, button . . .

deb said...

Who cares about walks in the heather?
Who cares about chappies in leather?
I have to complain
of relentless pain.
I've had it with this fucking weather.

(I'm doubledog proud of this one because I wrote it during my 11:00 session in the margin of my "case notes.")

(To Tom: does a small streak of sociopathy on my part contribute to the limerick-reading pleasure on your part?)