When the bee stings

Things I will not miss about my recent college experience:

1. 20-year-old women dressed like frumpy whores
2. Small group work during class (code for the prof would like a break, so uses this lame pedagogical tic and tries to convince us that she is developing our critical thinking chops. Bull. Shit.)
3. Not playing the piano during a certain hour of the week you'd think I would be playing the piano.
4. The way the practice rooms smell like moldy armpits.
5. The wait for the computers to log in the basement computer lab.
6. The walk to my car against the wind on a freezing/snowy/stormy/rainy day after class.
7. Night classes (never. again.)
8. Moist hegemony
9. Unclear syllabi
10. The commuter center
11. Science
12. Taking, rather than teaching, some classes
13. The whining of the kiddies (some may find this ironic)
14. The Hamline Plan


Stephanie said...

I actually found #14 more ironic. Since I'm apparently mean and French, I don't even have to feel guilty for reminding you about this post: http://going40ina20zone.blogspot.com/2007/08/hamline-plan.html, especially the sentence "Hamline's approach is pragmatic and thoughtful, and truth be told, I'm kind of looking forward to it."

What was it about the Hamline Plan that disappointed you? Can it all be blamed on the anthropology department?!

Anonymous said...

Does the Hamline Plan involve depleting your future earnings?


Going 40 in a 20 Zone said...

The short answer, Stephanie, is that what the Hamline Plan had in potential it lacked in execution. And it is also quite an inflexible plan and makes little sense for nontrad/transfer students to have to follow religiously. There's a larger rant here, and very possibly a book about adult higher eduation.

P.S. Your encyclopedic knowledge of this blog scares me.

Stephanie said...

Honesty compells me to confess that the only reason I remembered the "Hamline Plan" post is that I saw it just last week when I took my little stroll down blog-memory lane and was re-reading the earliest posts from August 2007.

This is actually another reason for you to start a new blog: if you stop writing new material, I will have no choice but to re-read Every. Single. Post. on this blog, over and over again, for years on end, until I can quote you like I can quote "West Wing" episodes. And, really, that won't be good for anyone!

P.S. A book, by you, on Adult Higher Education, also sounds nice.