Whirling dervish

Oh, hello. To Bemidji. Funeral. Back from Bemidji. Way too much work. Practice piano. A million other things. Blah.
Tomorrow, no class. It's Honors Day. I will play in the Honors Recital. One movement from the Ravel Sonatine. Four minutes and done.
Then, I give my NCUR presentation one more time. For all of you unable to make it to LaCrosse (which was, let's face it, all of you), here's a great excuse to skip out of work and listen to some academic-speak. It promises to be hegemonorrific. And more than a little moist.

Because I know you won't want to miss it:

Multidisciplinary Scholarship Panel Presentation
Session II: 3:15-4:30 p.m.
Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 106W

In addition to my presentation, the other panelists will include:
a. “About Me": Self Disclosure on the Social Networking Site, Facebook - A Cross Cultural and Cross Gender Content Analysis
b. Robots, Pilots, and the Endless Waltz of Battle: Examining Japanese Postwar Historical Consciousness through the Mecha Anime Genre
c. Dystopian Film: The Paradox of Critical Entertainment

Good stuff, all.

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