Must move now

I love to garden, and that love has been on hold for several years now (with the exception of a few pots and the Perfect Planter's herbs). But Margaret Roach, former editorial director of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and owner of the most gorgeous teensy country home and garden in the universe, has inspired me to drastic change. You see, she has given up corporateness (mostly) to garden and write full time. Of course, she has a new blog, featured in the Times today, and it is ridiculously beautiful. So today I'm giving up all aspirations of academia, leaving our condo, and taking over the empty lot across the street. I'll build a small shack, dig a pond, and start planting wild roses. Please come visit me at my new address: 2841 Homeless Garden Place.


Eric said...

Can you still walk the dog around noon?

Margaret said...

Miss Margaret of the teensy place is happy to see your appraisal of her situation here. Thanks.

Eric M said...

Will Room and Board deliver there?

deb said...

We visited Concord, MA, a few years ago, and of course made the pilgrimage to Walden Pond. They have a replica of Thoreau's cottage there, which is about 6'X8' if I'm remembering right.

It turns out Walden Pond is an easy one mile walk from downtown Concord. (So easy I could do it.) Thoreau walked into town every day and had lunch at the pub, and then hung out with his pals. His mom did his laundry the whole time.

Just so you know, he was a fuck up and a slacker.

PS My yard needs lots and lots of help, if you're lonesome for dirt.

Meema said...

[drool] Dang, but that's a beautiful blog she's got.

Deb, you may need to have a garden(ing) party for your condo-dwelling friend.

deb said...

Oh, Margaret's blog is beautiful.

I just reread my note above, and feel the need to clarify while waiting for my 10:00 to show up.

I love that other people garden. I love the conversations about it, and the outcome. It makes the world better.

I just needed to get the Thoreau thing off my chest.

Stephanie said...

Does this mean that your apartment will be available? 'Cuz I've got lots of stuff in boxes and no place to put them.

Becky said...

I say go for it- it sure would be an improvement over the current lot and it doesn't appear anyone would miss the land for quite some time!