The current issue of Metropolitan Home features a vertical garden of succulents (sedum, aeonium, echeveria, and so on). Yes, it's in Los Angeles, and yes, their climate is slightly different than ours, and I know, we have neither a garden nor a garden wall, but surely there must be a way I can adapt this idea on some small scale. Anyone have little snips of succulents they wish to share?
The same issue showcases Guthrie-adjacent restaurant Spoonriver. Cool, yes, but more notable is that food writer/goddess Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl is the article's author. While she protested that City Pages' characterization of her leaving the weekly to pursue a national profile was exaggerated, she protesteth too much. So far her writing at Minnesota Monthly and in this article lacks the snap of her jewel-like CP columns, but I'm happy to see her byline almost anywhere.
PHOTO: Laura Hull

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squab said...

There's a wall like this at the Walker Sculpture Garden, in the building where the big fish sculpture lives. Might give you some ideas for a MN version.