On not playing favorites

Going40 is jealous of all the time I've been spending over at Everyone's a Critic. EAC is just a baby, helpless, alone, undeveloped. But Going40 is adorable and active and fun to be around. Then I check back in on EAC and there's so much to do! And I come back here and Going40 is having playdates and running around with her friends, and I'm missing all that by being an absent father. It's too much; I feel torn. Am I a bad parent? Is this how it's going to be with two in the house? I love them both, really, I do. It's time for a bath, kids. Come to the water. Daddy loves you very much. Take a deep breath. It will all be okay.


deb said...

G40 is a girl? That's so interesting to me. I assume eric m has determined this to be true.

When I was a girl, we played hopscotch, and four-square, and jump-rope. (Remember, I'm pre-Title IX.) I was pretty good at hopscotch, and good enough at four-square, but I was never able to step into a moving jump-rope that was being turned by two other girls and make it work. I watched how it was done, and asked the adepts for their secrets, but it always eluded me. The girls who got on dance-line or became cheerleaders could do it from the get-go, and the girls who would become bandies or school spirit girls learned it just fine. In retrospect, I suppose it was an early indication that I was destined to stay indoors sitting down for the bulk of my career.

(In ninth grade, Jim Greenberg and I were voted Most Likely to Succeed. By then I had staked out Being Smart as my terrain.)

Anyway, I've been trying for two days to add a non-lame comment at EAC, and here I am, right back in fourth grade, unable to figure out how to step into the moving rope.

DM said...

Oh my dear sweet neighbor - I'm sending someone over to check your medicine cabinet.