An apple a day

As I wait patiently for Apple to redesign the MacBook, I check Mac Rumors about forty times a day, awaiting pertinent news. The Times produced an article about how the site began, proving that blogging is the most noble vocation available to humankind.


Stephanie said...

You forgot to include the "Kool-Aid" label on this post.

Sean said...

I really am eager for the new laptops, too. My MacBook is still smokin' fast at two years old, so I have no reason to upgrade yet, but Darren plans to leave the evil Microsoft world and join me in the Elysian fields of Apple, too. He wants to buy a MacBook Pro when the new models come out.

He's vowed to never again install a Microsoft OS on any machine he personally owns, and his conversion to Apple was hastened by a high power JAVA developer conference he went to recently in which ALL the presenters used Mac laptops.

Amazingly, I have found that I can edit my web sites at work through my iPhone, though the screen size makes doing actual work next to impossible. Still quite cool, though.