Reader's digest

I love to read, even when it's assigned. And I'm a fast reader, which today turns out to be a good thing. I have a fresh new stack of articles to devour, and I checked out five more books from Bush Library today (four of them research-related, one Asperger's-related), and when I got home from a long day of thinking, Prof K had already emailed me Amazon suggestions for nine more books that might be helpful. Also, I think have to read The Merchant of Venice. And I have two other books on reserve.

Those of you who nothing better to do than work and raise families could help me out by previewing some of these for me. A sous blogger is no longer enough; I am in need of several sous readers.


deb said...

Alas, your sous blogger is a slow reader.

I read for style.

OK, my lips move in my head when I read.

I am happy to discuss the fine points of Mary Sidney's work, if that would be helpful.

PS "Yeah, that's crap" is not the same as a rebuttal.

Ann said...

Here's a fantastic way to cheat -- drive down to Winona and catch the Great River Shakespeare Festival production of Merchant. Shakespeare is SO much better on stage than on the page. (But be quick, it's that last week of the run.)

You could listen to one of the other books on tape on your drive.

Win, win.

Ann said...

Of course, when I say "on tape" I mean "on CD" or "downloaded," unless you are driving with a certain recently repatriated friend whose car is ancient, in which case I really do mean "on tape."