Como without Clooney

Italy is not the only principality to boast a Lake Como. Fifteen miles outside Hamilton is a mountain lake, dammed up many years ago (I'm a little hazy on the details), which provides a beautiful backdrop for hiking, boating, and swimming. An old hiker's lodge can still be rented (evidently I'm supposed to have many happy childhood memories from spending time there, but even when we went through it today I had no memory of it whatsoever); even a beautiful sandyish beach along the shore. It's a recreational paradise. We had a nice walk, with my brother keeping up a constant patter next to me (mostly about what the thin Montana air is doing to his skin. I told him his skin is not used to clean living). Vacations do wear thin. Still, it's been a nice afternoon.

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Sean said...

We miss you here in Minnesota. When will things be right with world? My biorhythms are all wonky with you gone.