Family ties

Yes, it's just an ordinary snapshot and as such has no business on a
blog with such lofty literary ambitions. But this photo is cool, at
least to me, because it represents the long and circuitous route my
mom has taken back to Hamilton. We moved away from Hamilton in 1977,
but have maintained good friendships with many people from the parish
where my father was pastor. And these people were wonderful friends
and strong support to my mom through tough years. So it was especially
fun tonight to have dinner with Eleanor & Bill and Dale & Clarice.
They have known us for 37 years. A lot has happened in those years,
but for an evening we were all just at home in Hamilton. And it was
just like old times.


Sean said...

Can thin air be that much worse for his skin than LA's smog is?

Eric said...

You know, Steve essentially is Mallory, and you're pretty much Alex P. Keaton, but for the straight Republican part.