Winning awards through self-expression

By Sous-blogger Deb

The judging of the needle arts in the Creative Activities building at
the State Fair is a never-ending source of amazement to me.

Please also notice that the limerick contest is still open. Just let
yourself feeeeel the rhymes.


Tom said...

Frightening. Just frightening.

rootbeerlady said...

I think I'm safe in making this clarification. The photo was taken by Deb. The winning entry was crafted by someone else.

deb said...

Thank you to rootbeerlady. You are a fine, loyal and perspicacious friend.

Tom said...

I think that's pretty obvious. I can't imagine that a faithful reader of the Zone would create such a thing nor would the creator of such a thing be a reader of the Zone.

So, what were the criteria for winning? Anyone?