Fanfare for the common man

Believe it or not, we started our Going 40 in a 20 Zone journey a year ago today! 371 posts later, this blog has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I had no idea such a strong, supportive community would develop around this venture. You all have been a joy to write for and with, and most importantly, I'm having a lot of fun. I hope you are, too. To celebrate, there is really only one thing we can do, and I know you're already chanting:


It's time for a new limerick contest, the blogiversary edition. Submit your best work (enter as many times as you'd like) by posting your limerick to the comments of this post. Reflect on your favorite Going40 moments of the past year, look to the year ahead--whatever you'd like. As usual, a fantastic celebrity judge and fabulous prizes are in the works. A couple reminders:

1. Deadline is August 27, 9:00pm.
2. Clever counts, but so does form. Count your syllables, people.
3. For inspiration (or to know what to avoid), check out our previous contests here and here and here.

P.S. I blogged six times on August 13, so scroll on down to see what you missed. I'm taking a little break.


deb said...

There once was a blogger named Scooter.
Whose limericks just kept getting cuter.
He picked up a sous blog,
Who’d like to wear Fluevog
And Eric’s his sweetie and suitor.

It’s been quite a year at the poem place.
I like to write here in my home space.
I’m keeping these clean,
Recycled and green.
Alas with no pun there’s no groan face.

Longevity could be the theme.
A lifetime of love is the dream.
Sometimes there’s a hitch -
An occasional glitch-
I try to fix mine with whipped cream.

A year now of rhyming in bed.
Do some use their table instead?
Inspired by nighttime,
There’s no other right time.
The limericks roll out of my head.

Meema said...

Ahh. And all is right with the world. Way to set the bar high, Sous!

Stephanie said...

A year since this blog was begun?!
Complex is the Web it has spun:
Eric with a C,
Some girl from Paris,
But G40 is still Number One.

You ask for our favorite time.
I really do like all the rhyme.
Readers as SPs,
Scott's Choosy Disease . . .
Gosh, picking just one seems a crime.

And now that I'm thinking of it,
Guest Bloggers were really a hit.
Deb with schamlippen,
Umlaut-Hase skippin',
I can't name them all, they won't fit.

I guess what I'm trying to say
Is the world is better today
Thanks to G40
(and maybe to Gordy?).
Congrats on the blog's first birthday!

deb said...

Even with my double-O sous blogger password privileges, I can't edit my own posted comments.

In my opening lim'rick cycle above, I would like it to be understood that when the word "limerick" appears, it should be read as "lim'rick."

I would change it if I could. I'm so sorry for the confusion and extra work I have caused.

deb said...

I can't say it won't happen again, because, you know, it probably will.

Naomi Welsh said...

There once was a blogger sublime
Who declared it was limerick time.
The fine print ensued,
And goodness, how rude!
He specified meter and rhyme.

It's true that the limerick forum
Does call for a certain decorum:
Rhyme & rhythm are key,
But it does seem to me
That they're funniest slightly abnorum.

Well, Scott, here's my entry, all done.
You can notify me if I've won!
I often neglect
To the limerick respect,
But this seriously was pretty fun.

Meema said...

We all know the man we call Scooter
Still longs for a shiny computer
With whistles and bells
And those New Gadget Smells
(But his iPhone will still be much cuter).

Meema said...

Let’s give a loud “Hip, hip, hooray”
To celebrate Blogger’s big day.
It was writ in the stars
(Or inside Swedish cars)
Because Scott’s ne’er without things to say…

With mad rhyming skills of his own
His readers’ wordsmithing does hone
Through lim’rick and jest.
Scott’s blog is the best -
A year sure flies by on the Zone!

Meema said...

There once was a blogger supreme
Who liked custard far better than s’cream.
His weakness, by far:
One “magical” Bar,
Inspiring his new thesis theme.

He checks on the schedule of flavors –
It’s Cookie Bar magic he savors.
Don’t dare call it yoghurt,
Or Scott’s feelings yullhurt
And piss off more Liberty cravers!

(Yogurt. Has. No. Rhyme.)

Stephanie said...

Now, Meema, don't be a quitter!
That's not the way of a knitter.
To rhyme with yogurt,
You just say, "Go Burt!"
Ses'me Street fans all will twitter.

Eric M said...

Olympics take all of my time;
I seem to have no chance to rhyme!
I love “Going 40”
But will Scott forgive me
If my lim’rick’s less than sublime?

(Boy, I sure hope so, because that one sucks.)

Happy anniversary, Scott!

Meema said...

The blogosphere last year rejoiced
As Scott found his platform of choice.
With readers galore
It's never a bore -
Hooray for The Zone's learn-ed voice!

deb said...

late entry:

I think we might go to the State Fair.
The dewpoint is down and we’ve cool air!!
It’s not yet for sure,
Humide est horreur!!!!!!
It's possible we will see you there.

I like best "Creative Activities."
It’s filled with my favorite proclivities.
To stay with our theme
And lim’rick rhyme scheme,
How 'bout them Rohr family nativities?

(gigantic apologies to Stephanie, and all other actual speakers of French)(and English, too, I guess)

Meema said...

His senior year looming ahead,
Scott eyes his vast workload with dread.
A recital, some tests,
Large researching quests –
It’s hard to choose leaving his bed.

Our help will prove vital, it seems,
To help Scooter re’lize his dreams.
We’ll cheer on his jogging
Or offer guest blogging,
Asuaging his panic-tinged screams.

Come May, we’ll be busting with pride
As Scott thru commencement will glide.
Diploma in hand,
He’ll claim, “That was grand!”
And into the next Zone he’ll stride.

Tom said...

There once was a blogger named Scott
Whose corner of the web was the spot
For discussing schamlippen
and Deutschen gestudieren
and why Apple's iPhone fucking rocks.

But fret not ye faithful Zone readers
our blogger's not one of those breeders
he has plenty of time
for creating new rhymes
in this usually dirty meter.

Tom said...

There once was a guy lived on Bryant
His readers could be quite the tyrants
Discussing their colons
(What the hell rhymes with colons?)
Oh, shit. I used the word tyrants.